What Should You Check Before Installing A Furnace?

Before you install a furnace in your house here are a few things that you should check-

• If the ducts of your house are leaky then a conspicuous amount of hot air will leak through the ducts. This will lead to skyrocketing electric bills and substandard heating levels. Therefore check the duct system and seal it, if needed. If you would like to invest in your furnace installation project, you can call a professional for duct blaster test. Or, if you are not keen to give out so much money then, don’t test, just seal them. You can do this with duct mastic. If you have flex ducts then you should check the joints where the ducts link to the metal plenum or the metal register boots. At the boots you need hammer and nails for proper sealing. When seal ducts, do so for both return and supply duct.

• Sometimes the furnace is blowing air to the rooms with full force. A high volume of warm air makes its way in your room. But for efficient operation, the air that moved in should make its way out through return register. If it is unable to do so, there will be pressure build up in the room. The air then would try to find its way through the small draft hole between the wall and the window and end up being lost to the great outdoors. The higher the pressure, the more air is forced through the hole. Therefore it will be wasted in the exterior rather than being heated again for warming the rooms. This can be fixed in many ways:

o You can remove a door of the room in question
o Or cut off the bottom part of the door so that there is a larger air passage between the door and the floor.
o Install an additional return air duct and register in the ceiling.

• The filter of a furnace plays a key role in heating your house. The room air is passed through the filter before it reaches the heating unit for getting warmed. If the filter is dirty, it will restrict the flow of air. As less air will reach the furnace for heating, an insufficient amount of air will make its way into the rooms for heating them. Therefore when your contractor comes to install the furnace he should install the filter so, that you can access it easily for changing or cleaning it at regular intervals.

• A gas furnace would have a heat exchange. It is better to install it so that it is accessible to its user like the filter. The small channels of the heat exchange often get bunged and then restrict the air from passing through.

Besides these, the load of the house should be calculated to decide the size of the furnace. It should be checked if the old ventilation system is compatible to the new furnace. Chimneys of the house should be inspected for compliance to the standard 350 degrees.




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