What Is The Cost Of Installing Split Ac?

A split air conditioner has two parts - an indoor air unit and an outdoor unit which contains the condenser and the compressor. It is said to be more powerful than a window type or portable unit. Sometimes it can provide better cooling than a central A/c. installing them is a fairly easy task. They go well as permanent climate control solutions. Some units also offer heating feature for winter months. Let’s take a look at the cost of split A/cs-

Well, the cost of 2 ton dual zone mini-split A/c that features a SEER value of 16 would be $14000 to $17000. The outdoor unit will have an efficiency of 18.000 BTU and the indoor one will give an output of 900 BTU. You will get a warranty of 10 years on an average for such a unit.

The labor cost of installing split air conditioners would range between $1500 and $2000. This will include mounting the air handler; making a hole in the wall through which the pipe that would contain refrigerant tubing would pass. They will also install outdoor condenser, connect and conceal electrical connections and piping. The contractor’s job would also incorporate planning, equipment and material procurement, getting the site ready, installation, and cleanup.

Buying the supplies and related materials to install the A/c would cost about $50. These would include fasteners, mounting hardware etc. The total cost of installing a spilt A/c will not be more than $3500. However, it would vary a bit with unit size, capacity, and SEER rating.





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