What Are The Venting Options For Portable Air Conditioners?

Windows of houses could be of various designs and shapes. A window kit that you get with your portable A/c may not fit directly in all window types. You may need to make some adjustments to enable it to fit in the window. Here are some venting tips.

Sliding Window

The window kit of a portable AC is designed to fit horizontally at the bottom of the windows. However, if you have a sliding window then it will be difficult to accommodate the kit there. You have to modify the indoor bracket a bit. A good idea is to install them vertically in the sliding window. But for fitting them vertically, the length should be sufficient enough. In such case you should buy a unit that comes with double bracket. Double bracket usually fits well vertically in sliding windows. If there is an opening after the fitting the bracket, fill it with some insulation such as plywood or Plexiglas.

Casement Windows

A typical window kit cannot be fitted in a casement window. This is because these open like doors. However, there is still a way if you are willing to go for one. You can simply cover the entire window opening with Plexiglas and cut out a hole for the exhaust hose.

Drop Ceiling Ventilation

Portable A/cs are very popular in server rooms. These are used to avoid overheating of the servers and other issues that can affect highly sensitive electronic units. The only problem of server rooms is that these rarely have windows and are usually away from exterior walls. In such cases drop ceiling ventilation is used. The hose of the A/c rises towards the panel led selling that is often found in the offices. All you have to do is simply remove a drop ceiling tile and replace it with the provided panel and attach the hose

Wall Ventilation

If the room where you want the portable A/c to work has an exterior wall, you can vent the exhaust through the wall. All you have to do is cut a correct size hole with a jigsaw in the wall. However, do not end up digging the hole in a wall where there is plumbing work done or electrical wiring is there. Once you insert a hose through the hole, seal the edges of the hole with silicone caulk.

Connecting to Dryer Vents

Many people use dryer vents to exhaust the heat from the portable air conditioners. The manufacturers of portable A/cs do not recommend it. This is because the diameter of the vent hose is greater than the diameter of the dryer vent. The standard diameter of a standard dryer vent is 4″. The diameter of hoses of portable air conditioner is 5″ on an average. Some units have smaller diameter vent hoses, and these units may be vented out a dryer vent. If you have a flap at the end of the vent, then do not use it. The compressor of the portable a/c is not strong enough to push these flaps open. If you need to cover that exterior opening of the vent, cover it with a screen.



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