How Much Does It Cost To Install A Central Air Conditioning?

Installing a central air conditioner is investment that cannot be avoided by any homeowner, who needs them to keep them comfortable at homes. This is because installation of central air conditioner cannot be a “DIY” project. Professional intervention is required to install central ac unit. Air from a central A/c is distributed through forced air system such as ducts. Some homes also have hydronic systems such as radiators. If a house needs to install a distribution system along with instating the air conditioner, the prices will go up sharply. The average price to install a central air conditioner will range from $2650 to upwards of $15K.

Here are various cost factors that figure in buying and installation of a central A/c-

• The service charges of the contractors: A contractor is a must need in a central air installation project. He comes and takes a look at the design and size of the house, calculates the heart and heat gain room by room and applies "manual J" assessment to decide appropriate size for the unit(s). If the contractor who determines the size of the A/c is not a licensed electrician then you will need a subcontractor, who is an electrician to do the necessary wiring for you central ac. A subcontractor would do the installation of the air conditioner as well install the ducts make repairs, if he is qualified for it and if he is given adequate instruction about the size, design and layout by the main contractor. In case the contractor or subcontractor would not do the installation work of the ducts as well as the A/c, then you would require a labor for the task. Paying these workers of various strata will be good investment indeed!

• The cost of the A/c: A central A/c is has various paraphernalia that work together to enable it function smoothly. You will need everything from A/c Freon refrigerant, the tanks, recovering machine, and the nitrogen. The price of central air depends on many factors. They are SEER, tonnage, the number of windows, and the quality of the insulation etc. SEER is an abbreviation for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating of the machine. The higher the SEER number, the better the cooling levels. A contactor would recommend you to install unit with SEER rate of 13 or higher. Tonnage means the amount of heat that an A/c can produce per hour. A single ton equates to 12K BTU per hour. The more the tonnage, the more is the cost. The tonnage will vary with size of the house. A big house would need an air conditioner of bigger tonnage than a smaller apartment. If you have many windows in the house they need to be sealed properly to prevent leakage of air. If the insulation of the house is in bad shape, then you have to invest to improve it. The condition of existing ducts has to be looked into. If it is too bad, it should be repaired before installing the A/c.

Although the rates quoted in the page are typical average rate that can be seen across USA, it can vary in certain areas depending upon city and the variables associated with each individual project.





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