Furnace Installation Process

Installing a furnace is not a easy job. It must be ensure that furnace is installed properly. If there are mistakes in the installation it will not work properly, consume more time to heat the room.

Steps to install a furnace

Step 1:

Turn off the power of your furnace form the thermostat and form the valve near the furnace.

Step 2:

Before installing a furnace make sure that duct work of your home is proper and there are no leaks or wear and tear.

Step 3:

Find out at which place of the unit the return air ducts will connect.

Step 5:

Install the vent cap to prevent the birds from entering the pipes.

Step 6:

Align the furnace to the duct work. You have to find out at which part of the unit return air ducts will connect. Connect the plenum to the furnace. To make sure that ducts properly connected make use of a clamp.

Step 7:

Place the secondary drain pan beneath the unit in case of blocked condensate drain pipe.

Step 8:

Connect the gas pipe line to the furnace and find if it is leaking. To check the leak leave room closed for some time and after 15-20 minutes come and check if you get any odour of natural gas.

Step 9:

Connect the wires of the furnace as per the instructions given in the manual. Now connect the furnace to thermostat and power supply.

Step 10:

If there are no leaks turn on the power and the pilot light and check the furnace.

Installing a furnace is a difficult job. A professional must be called to do this work. You should install the furnace only if you have the required knowledge otherwise you might end up harming yourself.



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