Best Way To Beat Summer Heat With Air Conditioner

In the hot summer days it is not a shock to hear that air conditioner comprises of more than 405 of the total utility bills. The hot summer days make your air conditioner to work at the full force for maintaining the desired room temperature.

You can do some of the cleaning or the maintenance task to make sure that your air conditioner is running at its best to beat the hot summer days.

1. Cleaning the air filters

It is one of the easiest task and the best way to keep your air conditioner away from the problems. Clean air filters ensure proper air flow inside the system.

If filters are clean air will easily flow through the duct. For keeping your rooms cool in the hot summer days change your air filters every month.

2. Cleaning the condenser coils

The condenser unit of your central AC system is mostly located outside the house. If the condenser is clogged because of the dirt or dust the air flow inside the system will reduce.

Anything which blocks the air flow reduces the cooling capacity of your system. So clean the condenser coils before the start of summer season.

3. Sealing the windows

Keep the curtains of your windows close and seal the windows properly. If there is gap between the windows and the wall cool air will move outside the house and room will not be cooled properly making you feel uncomfortable.

4. Sealing leaky ducts

Air reaches to the house with the help of ducts if the ducts are leaking then cold air will move out off the dust before it reaches the room.

Check your ducts before the start of the summer and if there are leaks seal them with the help of duct sealing tape.

5. Keep your ac in shade

Air conditioner with proper shading runs more efficiently. If AC is in shaded place it will take less time in cooling the home.

6. Do the maintenance

Best way to prepare yourself and your AC for hot summer days is to do the maintenance of the air conditioner every year before the start of summer season. Call a professional to come and inspect the unit.
Professional will find out any problem inside the system and get it repaired. He will make sure that your air conditioner is cooling your room properly and running at its maximum efficiency.



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