Best Time To Replace Air Conditioner

The best time to buy a new air conditioner is during cold winter months. However you must buy a new HVAC system considering several factors like repairing cost of your old unit, age of your old unit.

Winter is the best time to buy a new unit because the demand for winter is low in market. . A well designed air conditioning and heating system can make a huge difference in how you feel and your health.

Signs that show the need of new air conditioner

Age of your air conditioner

If your air conditioner has been more than 10 years old and is causing regular repairing work then you must go for buying a new unit. Buying a high energy star system will save 20% of your energy cost.

Lack of humidity

Poor operation of the equipment, air leaks in the duct work or regular breakdowns are signs show that you must repair your unit.

Regular repairing

When your air conditioner is costing you regular repairing work and the cost of repairing is more than 50% the cost of new unit you must prefer a new air conditioner.

Noisy system

Loud strange noises are being heard from your system it comes because of improper size of the ducts, leaky ducts, outdoor condenser problems or problem in indoor coil of your system.

Why to buy in winter?

• Not many people think of buying a new air conditioner in cold winter months.
• Prices of the air conditioner are quite low as the there are limited buyers.
• There won’t be many customers at shop so the professional will have the time to properly assist you in buying the new system.
• You will have more time to make a proper choice for your unit.
• Buying a new air conditioner in winter will save a good amount of money.




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