Benefits Of Tank Less Water Heaters

Heating the water in the tank in the basement consumes large amount of energy. Traditional water heaters consumed large amount of energy and also had many problems. Due to many disadvantages of traditional water heaters people have switched on the tank less water heaters.

A tank less system is more expensive in costs but the savings done using tank less system will be more than the make up for the initial high cost.

Instead of using big water heaters in the basement a tank less water heater will be the right option. Using a tank less water heater has several advantages.

1. High energy efficiency

A tank less water heater will operate only when hot water is required so they consume 30-50% less energy than traditional water heater.
By reducing the energy consumption tank less system can save your family 100$ per year.

In tank less water is provided on demand, so it heats only the required amount of water, where as traditional water heater heats the full tank of water which requires more energy.

2. Never run of water

Traditional water heaters run out of water after some demands, they can be used for one shower or can satisfy only few demands.

A tank-less water heater will provide you hot water every time you demand as they generate hot water almost instantly.

3. Longer life

Buying a tank less water heater could be expensive but they have a longer life than tank made system. Tank less system can last 7- 10 years longer than traditional systems.

4. Clean water

With the use of tank less system you can get clean water, you avoid using water that has been stored in a tank with accumulated rust and scale.

5. Space savings

Traditional water heaters can be as tall as 50” and up to 25” wide which will take good amount of space of your house. Whereas tank less system will be up to 30” tall and only 10” wide this is much lesser than traditional heating system.



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