Air Conditioning Option For New Room Addition

Adding a new room will give you a plenty of space to relax. You may think about converting your garage, storehouse or attic into an extra room.

Various factors are to be considered while adding an extra room and one of the most important factors is determining the option for air conditioning.

Here are the several ways available for cooling your house.

1. Extending the duct work

Connecting the existing duct work to the additional room might be a smart choice. But you must ensure that your AC unit will be able to support the additional square foot area.

If you extend the ducts but your AC unit is too small it will affect the comfort of whole house.

2. Installing a window air conditioner

Instead of extending the duct work there is an easier choice for you, i.e. to install a window air conditioner. Window air conditioners are most common and are highly useful to cool one room.

Installing a window air conditioner is simple and also low cost. However this air conditioner does not look good as they are big in size and make loud noise. For installing this unit you will require an exterior wall.

This is the best option for you if your additional room will not be in much of the use as it is less expensive and easiest to install.

3. Ductless mini split

If it is not possible to add ducts into additional room it is other option which you can consider. Ductless mini split systems are becoming highly popular in today’s world.

Many people prefer ductless systems in place of window air conditioners as they operate quietly, much more efficient than window air conditioners you can install them on any wall of the room.

Adding a mini split system can be as expensive as extending the duct work of your additional system.

Ductless split system is option which is considered most of the times. But if you use room only for small time and want to save money you can buy a window system.

Instead of making a choice by yourself you can call the HVAC professional to help you in making up the choice. Professional will inspect the conditions and will select the system which will be more energy and cost efficient and the system which will provide maximum comfort to your place.



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