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 An AC machine like every other electronic appliance loses its efficiency with use due to wear and tear. It loses 5% of its efficiency every year. The components of the gadget weaken gradually and the unit exhibits defects inits functions frequently. Routine maintenance o fan AC is important to keep it at the peak of its efficiency for a longer time. It cannot render it a permanent life but can ensure a longer durability. Moreover,routine maintenance also prevents huge repair costs as it detects small faults and resolves them before they become big. Let’s see how AC maintenance, twice a year ideally in spring and autumn can help you-

 Save on power bill

Every household reaches its peak power usage in winter and summer months. This is because the house uses an array of devices to keep the temperature and humidity indoors at a comfortable level. One of the biggest power hog in your houses the AC. It sucks the lion share of the power that comes from the grid. Every year the power consumption for an AC increases due to it decreasing efficiency. However the good news is that proper care and maintenance can keep that unit running at up to 95% of its original efficiency. It can save you 25% on your power bills.

 Save on repairs

It is quite a known fact that the repair costs of AC are almost 50% more than maintenance costs. Regular maintenance keeps the machine free from defects or eliminates them if there is any. As a result breakdowns or malfunctions happen very rarely. Ina routine maintenance a variety of things are done to keep you unit functional. They may seem very trivial but the small acts of maintenance if not carried out can seriously impact your AC.

Honor the warranty

When you buy an AC unit, you get a warranty for certain period of time. But if your machine remains untainted, you will not know about this warranty and will not be able to honor it. Many AC manufacturers require you to have maintenance contract for your AC to use the warranty. Remember repair costs and costs of replacements parts can be hefty if you have to buy them for their full retail prices. Warranties are significant cost saving schemes.

 Stay comfortable and healthy

Maintenance services ensure that you stay comfortable in the scorching summer months in your cool and comfortable rooms. Moreover,untainted ACs are not able to purify the air inside your rooms efficiently. Consequently the air becomes stale, full of aerial contaminants. This can give rise to allergies and respiratory disorders. So it is important to regularly maintain your AC units to prevent health hazards that can surface due to it. It has been corroborated by many customers that they were able to recover the lost efficiency of the cooling unit through a maintenance service.

 What does a yearly maintenance of the AC include?

• Checking for Refrigerant Leaks

This is a very impotent task done by the maintenance professional. The Freon level of your machine should always be checked during tune up and the device should be thoroughly examined for coolant leakage. Such leakage can not only harm the machine but also cause pollution.
According to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America or ACCA,tests should be carried out once a year to maintain the proper Freon levels.
Freon is a chlorofluorocarbon or CFC that causes holes in the Earth’s ozone layer if it is released into the atmosphere. The CFC laws strictly forbid contractors from adding Freon to a leaky commercial system if the leak is within 30% of the unit’s capacity. If any contractor violates this law it can result in losing his job.

 • The service contractors test the voltage and amperage to all electrical motors.

• Airflow across the internal and external coil is always looked into. An improper airflow across the evaporator can lead to decrease in cooling capacity

• The moving parts are lubricated well unless they are locked up.

• The thermostats cleaned and adjusted. Its calibrations checked and batteries should be replaced if required.

• The motors of the fans are tested and they are oiled if required.

• Fan Motors and belts are checked and oiled.

• Air Filters are checked for dirt-clogging. They are replaced if required.

• The operating pressure on the refrigerant should be checked.

• Components like fan relay, expansion valve,reverse valve (heat pump), contractor, and capacitor are checked for theirproperfunctioning.

 • The condensate or drain line in cleaned

• The temperature drop at indoor coil is tested. The outdoor sub-cooling is checked. The super heat is measured.

• The defrost control for heat pump is tested.

• The working of the compressor is checked

• All electrical wiring and components are tested.

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