Ac Compressor

 AC Compressor

The job of a compressor of an air conditioner is a very important one. It can be called the heart of an air conditioner. The job of a compressor is to squeeze or compress the vaporized refrigerant that comes to it from the evaporator. It compresses the vaporous coolant into a smaller volume at high temperature. Compressor can be broadly divided into two categories - external-drive compressor and a hermetic compressor. The former has a crankshaft that is powered by a pulley and belt system. It can also be driven by an electric motor. The hermetic compressor is driven by a motor which is located inside a single outer welded steel shell with the compressor. This does not require a crankshaft. 

The compressor used in an air conditioner can be classified in five types:

 Reciprocating Condenser:

The reciprocating compressor has one of the most versatile designs among AC compressors. The compressor uses a piston to the compress the vaporized refrigerant.The motion of the piston is achieved by a crankshaft that moves in a straight line forward and backward. This rotary motion is propelled by an electric motor. The piston moves up and down to allow refrigerant to get inside the compressor. When the piston moves down vacuum is created and the refrigerant gets in. The piston then then moves up to compress the vaporized coolant. The refrigerant is then moved to condenserthroughan exhaust valve. Some compressors can have multiple cylinders.

 Scroll Compressor:

The scroll compressor has a pair of scroll, one of which remains static and another moves or obits with the help of awing link. As one scroll remains stationary and other moves, refrigerant is gradually pushed into the center of these and is compressed. The refrigerant is then sent to the condenser. An advantage of this compressor is that having lesser moving parts the compressor is not subject to much wear and tear. It has a smooth and quit operation.

 Screw Compressor:

This employs a pair of helical rotors where it traps and compresses the gas as the rotors revolve in the cylinder. These compressors are used in HVAC units with a capacity of 20 tons. The male and female rotors as they are called are built inside a cylinder. The refrigerant enters from one end of a compressor and gets compressed. It is discharged from the other end into the condenser. These compressors are said to be very efficient and durable. Because if their higher capacity, they are used in industries, big office buildings, factories, or other spaces where a big volume of air needs to be cooled continuously.

 Rotary Compressor:

These compressors can be broadly divided into two categories. The first type runs with blades, which rotate with the shaft. The other type has blades which remain stationary and is a part of the compressor housing. The refrigerant gets inside the compressor through a suction port and is compressed by the blade into a high pressure gas.

 Centrifugal Compressor:

These compressors are designed for use in high capacity cooling systems. They are meant for commercial and industrial use. Here the vaporous refrigerant is moved into the compressor in a circular motion also called the centrifugal force. Inside the compressor housing there is an impeller. It is basically a disc with radical blades that spins to render velocity to the vapor. A diffuse is then used to convert this energy into pressure energy for sending into the condenser. The centrifugal compressors have an important advantage over other types of compressors. They have no valves, crankshafts, pistons or cylinders. Having no moving parts, they are not subject to quick wearing.


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