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Blog Title: Are split air conditioners decorative?
Do split air conditioners ruin the indoor decoration?
Category: Portable Air Coolers Post By: BYRON DANIEL (Thomaston, AK), 06/01/2014

No they do not. Split air conditioners come in various different forms of air handlers. You can have air handlers that woud be concelaed inside the wall or the cealing, and no one would even notice you have an air conditioner. Furthermore, there are air handlers in the market that look like a picture frame. So you can have a split air conditioner that would have a picture frame as an air handler. Also, most of the spit air conditioner systems have a sleek look to it, which proides aesthtic beauty to your envrionment.

- CLIFTON OCONNOR (Newhall, MN), 06/10/2014
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